food diary: 25 - 31 aug

I haven't been eating much this past week. Many of the items listed below were mostly mouthfuls of a plate of something or bites off a full portion of something. I seem to take more lozenges and an assortment of other tablets than proper food. I'm sure I've lost a bit of weight.

B @ 8.30am: 1 glass of milk
L @ 1pm: rice, wanton soup, salt and pepper pork chop
D @ 8pm: assorted sushi, 2 kiwis
dump: once

B : nil
L @ 3.30pm: 1 glass of milk, 3 slices of sushi
D @ 7pm: sweet chilli shredded duck hokkien mee
dump: once

B @ 10am: mouthfuls of tantan noodles
L @ 12.30pm: mouthfuls of lasagne, mouthfuls of a hot pasta salad, some fruits
Tea break @ 4.30pm: 1 mocha
D @ 8pm: vietnamese beef noodle soup, 1 caramel slice, 1 mocha
dump: once

B @ 8.30am: 1 glass of milk
Tea break @ 10am: 1 lemon tart, 1 coffee
L @ 1.30pm: mouthfuls of wanton soup noodles, mocha
Tea break @ 4.30pm: 2 mini duck pancake rolls, 1 mini mushroom ragout, 1 pork ball, 1 small lamb chop (all bite-sized)
D @ 7.30pm: some leftover food from office meetings (didn't eat much)
dump: nil

B @ 8.30am: 1 glass of milk
Tea break @ 10.30am: some chocolate pudding thing
L @ 2pm: spinach and ricotta lasagne with green salad
D @ 8pm: century egg porridge with shredded beef
dump: nil

B @ 11am: 1 glass of milk
L @ 1pm: chicken katsu don, japanese green tea, few bites of a slice of mud cake, 2 sips of coffee
D @ 8pm: mouthfuls of a prawn tempura udon, japanese green tea
dump: nil

B : nil
L @ 1.30pm: half a portion of stir fried beef rice noodles, mouthfuls of a mud cake, a few sips of mocha
D @ 7pm: half a beef pie with mashed potatoes and mashed peas, half a hotdog
dump: nil


E said...

By the way you shouldn't drink milk and take meds at the same time, milk can inhibit the absorption of medication.

monkeycrab said...

oh... nobody told me that before. thanks!