aveda for my hair

I went and blew AUD164 on haircare products today - shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment cream, all from Aveda. Actually, I bought more than just hair products on my rare Sunday shopping spree... 2 pairs of shoes, a top and a book... gotta survive on air and water for the next 2 weeks.

Because I colour my hair very often, at least once every 2 months due to my grey hair genes, they get very dry and brittle. I need really intensive hair repair products to restore them back to their previous silky smooth condition.

Since I've budgeted money for Project P (sub projects skincare and healthcare) for the last 2 months, I decided to make haircare a sub project too and apportioned part of the budget for it.

I have heard a lot of great reviews from friends (my lesbian lover yen-yen absolutely swears by Aveda) and friends' friends who've used Aveda hair products so I guess it's worth a try. The lady who served me at the QVB outlet offered me tea while I browsed in the shop and spent about 25min (could have been longer if I wasn't in a bit if a rush) finding out about my hair problems and then explaining to me what each product is good for before recommending what's most suitable for me. I was quite blown away by the service. Like that, how not to buy?

I've just used the shampoo and treatment cream for the first time tonight and I love how my hair smells now. I'll see if my hair's texture has improved a month later. Til then.


beakee said...

WAH colouring the hair every 2 months!!! I think I only do 2x a year.

Just wondering whether you have physical fitness as a sub project too :P

PS. I also had fabulous service... at Jurlique in Rundle Mall... and bought more than I actually intended to. These ppl are clever... :I

monkeycrab said...

ya. i got super powerful grey hair genes. i reckon about 40% of my hair has gone grey... 2 months is the most I can bear seeing the grey new growth all over on my head. *cry*

if there is something i can take or use to reverse the greys to black again, i'll definitely invest in it.

and ya... lazy to get started on sub project physical fitness. i currently have plans to start learning to swim properly once the weather turns warmer... but we'll see...

E said...

Please don't buy from QVB again, buy from strawberrynet.com, they have a great range of Aveda too, and it's free shipping. Free shipping ok!!

monkeycrab said...

I had a look at the site. I can get the damage remedy restructuring series shampoo but not the conditioner and weekly treatment from there. But ya, the free shipping sounds great!