food diary: 1 - 7 sept

2 weeks into my cough and laryngitis, I got so sick on friday (had intermittent slight fevers and kept shivering) that I missed work again. I was bedridden and didn't have the strength to crawl out of bed to pee, drink or eat. A friend had to come drag me out of the blankets to feed me some dinner, then hunt around the vicinity for a chemist that might still be open at slightly past 8pm (of course we were unsuccessful, welcome to Australia). He even drove me to the nearest hospital thinking we might be able to get something there but no, the pharmacy was closed. My condition was not that life threatening as to get me admitted to the hospital so we made a u-turn and went home. But that trip did us good. At least we found out where the nearest hospital is, just in case of an emergency.

On the meals for the week, the highlight was my homecooked oven grilled portobella mushrooms topped with minced garlic and cracked pepper, chicken and mushroom ravioli with celery in cream sauce with stuffed olives on the side and chocolate truffle topped with orange peel for dessert. I only just figured out how to use my oven. I am gonna explore making new dishes with it when I plan my menu now. Oh, btw, I've started this weekly menu planning thing. I may post a picture of it later.

B @ 8.30am: 1 glass of milk, 1 mocha
L @ 2pm: thai gravy rice noodles
D @ 7.30pm: homecooked spaghetti with mushrooms and bacon, half a raw tomato
dump: once

B @ 8.30am: 1 glass of milk
Tea break @ 10.30am: 1 mocha
L @ 1.30pm: assorted sandwiches
D @ 8pm: homecooked meal - half a raw tomato, steamed vege salad (brocolli, cauliflower, baby corn and carrots), king island chunky beef pie
dump: nil

B @ 8.30am: 1 glass of milk
Tea break @ 10am: pappadums
L @ 1.30pm: thai gravy rice noodles, 1 mocha
D @ 8pm: homecooked meal - 2 oven grilled portobella mushrooms topped with minced garlic and cracked pepper, chicken and mushroom ravioli with celery in cream sauce, stuffed olives on the side, chocolate mousse topped with orange peel
dump: once

B @ 8.30am: 1 glass of milk
Tea break @ 10am: 1 mocha
L @ 1.30pm: 3 sushi rolls (salmon, california and teriyaki chicken)
Tea break @ 4.30pm: 1 vegetarian wrap
D @ 7.30pm: some chicken, noodles, spring onion pancake, grilled mutton
dump: nil

B : nil
L : nil
D @ 8pm: rice, eggplant with minced pork, salt and pepper tofu
dump: nil

B : nil
L @ 2.30pm: prawn and vege tempura soba, a bit of a japanese seafood pancake (okonomiyaki)
D @ 8pm: some nachos with chicken, some fajitas with beef
dump: once

B : nil
L @ 12.30pm: fish fillet porridge, a few pieces of yew char kway
Tea break @ 4.30pm: 1 cappuccino, 1 caramel chocolate slice
D @ 7pm: rice, korean ginseng chicken soup, mouthfuls of beef bulgogi
dump: nil


fav tudi said...

dearest shifu, :( please take care of your health. it makes tudi worried when we read about how sick you are. :((

sunshine23 said...

Aiyo Angel, fwat happened? Too stressul in job? taking too much anti-biotic is no good.. end up after each dose, you'll fall ill again. Hugs Hugs.. lots of water and Vit C yah..

beakee said...

man.... i hope u get better soon.

monkeycrab said...

i dunno where i did wrong. been making conscious efforts to eat better, sleep better, etc etc. but still, the moment i fall sick, i take damn long to recover. as beakee said, i need to include physical fitness as a sub project... difficult to get the momentum going...

E said...

There is a night chemist at Kensington on the corner of Todman Ave and Anzac Parade that closes at 9pm!!

monkeycrab said...

Thanks e! I looked in Kingsford, Randwick, Mascot, Maroubra and Coogie. Next time I'll go straight to Kensington.

E said...

Randwick chemists all close at 6 or 7pm even though there are ike 5 in Randwick.

But yes, Kensington it is next time. You poor thing!