50 years of me

I see so many people doing this yearbook yourself thing that I just have to try it myself. So here's me from 1950 to 2000. I spent a considerable time trying out with different headshots and adjusting the photos, but still, some turned out super fugly.

I think I look rather okay through the 50s and the 60s.

Then from the 70s onwards, it's pure disaster.

My personal favourite is 1960 - I look like a school principal. 1968 is not bad too - I look like my mum in her younger days. The worst one, I feel, is 1982 - I look like an ape or some other primate!

Go try yearbooking yourself. It's quite fun.


ed said...

i'd agree with 1960 is the nicest!

Shanewei said...

i like the 1968 one!! Super Chio!! :))