my mother's prom dress

I went to Newtown today after a failed attempt to acquire vintage finds in Rozelle Markets last week and found this gem in Yasime Retro. I have completely forgotten about this shop until I read about it recently on E's blog. I used to always gawk at the dresses from outside the shop but couldn't pluck up the courage to go in and try any of them. That was because I knew I would definitely buy something. I also knew I wouldn't wear what I bought much (that was when I first left SG not long ago and I was too self-conscious to wear vintage dresses in SG in the past).

I can't begin to describe how delighted I was when I spotted this dress among a heap of other messily hung dresses. It is like something my own mother would have worn to her prom night or for a first date. If I show it to her now, I think she will faint from liking it too much. It actually looks a lot better worn (on me!) than on a hanger.

I got the skinny white retro belt from Quick Brown Fox to go with the dress. Now I just have to go search for a pair of shoes and a bag to go with it to complete the look before I find an occasion to wear it to - this is the most difficult part.

Now I am beginning to understand why women can never have enough shoes. Each time I buy a dress, I start to think of getting a pair of shoes to go with it because what I already have almost always don't match, whether true or just pure psychology, I don't know.

OMG. I'm starting to become vain. OMG.


fav tudi said...

tudi laughing quite hard at yr last para... ;)

E said...

i have like 50 pairs of shoes... and i think i have stopped buying them as almost anything i think of matching to my dresses, i have.

oh dear i am helping you be vain and we have not even met yet!