my happy juice

(If you haven't already read about my previous encounters with the happy juice concoction - cough syrup and/or steroids and/or nasal spray and/or lozenges, you should read them here and here.)

I was quite out of everything yesterday at work. It seemed like I left my brains at home. I took a heavier-than-usual dosage of happy juice in the morning, then again before I went for lunch and again at 3pm after lunch. I promptly forgot about the 3pm consumption and proceeded to take another big gulp from the happy juice bottle at 4.30pm.

I felt high. Happy and high. I felt my brains floating around me.

In the half hour that followed: I typed a document and closed it without saving, thus losing the document and had to retype it; I stared at a form and couldn't complete a simple section on the start and end dates of the financial year; I looked at my neighbour seated at the cube on my left, spoke to her with glazed eyes and didn't know what the hell I was saying; I kept smiling and shaking my head like a silly goose.

La-la-la-la-la. Happy happy juice.


E said...

Oh my god, it was probably the codeine. In other words, coke/heroin.

You're not going to have any monkey poops soon that's for sure. It causes constipation as well.

monkeycrab said...

well... i havent been pooping much these days... but wow the high feeling is quite nice. haha.