I have just finished reading Stardust. It was an immense disappointment. I think this must be the first time in my life I find a movie better than the book. I find the characters in the movie so much more alive with so much more personalities than in the book. It's no wonder the book is so thin.

I am thinking it could be due to my exceptionally high expectations of the book after reading Neverwhere. Each time I picked up the book, I would doze off after a few pages, the exact opposite of Neverwhere. I think I got bored because everything seems to happen just right. No mishaps. Or maybe there are, but they are minor, not like major life threatening ones that make you scream inside your head "arrggghhhh, is she going to die?" while you frantically read on to find out what's going to happen next. Oh, but I did feel sorry for the unicorn. That the unicorn was killed in such a brutal bloody way surprised me a bit considering the rest of the story is so much of a happily-ever-after kind of fairytale.

E did mention in the comments that Stardust also comes in a graphic novel version that is much more enchanting than the novel. I may try to go find it in a secondhand bookstore when I have time.

I'm now about to start on a Stephen Fry book that I accidentally stumbled upon in the Rozelle Markets. I have no idea what I am going to be reading about. I hope I have a pleasant surprise.

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fav tudi said...

whoohhooo shifu! I think it'd be an interesting read (stephen)!! Yeah Stardust seems better as a graphics novel. ><