food diary: 15 - 21 sept

This past week was all about experimenting with pumpkins, sashimi and creating new sauces, salad dressings and dips. The homemade guacamole was superb. The raw kingfish and salmon creations left me craving for more. And there's plenty room for improvement for the pumpkin soup. I have also realised that I can't do without coffee for even a day. So much for cutting down on my caffeine intake by reducing consumption to only one cuppa every other day, it's impossible. I can't function normally without it. So I now mostly opt for a mocha than an expresso or cappuccino. Not that it makes a lot of difference. Caffeine is caffeine is caffeine. And mocha doesn't stain my teeth any less than latte or long or short blacks. Bah.

B @ 9am: mocha, half a slice of banana bread
L @ 12.30pm: thai gravy noodles, 1 vanilla latte
Tea break @ 4.30pm: half a slice of banana bread
D @ 8pm: homecooked meal - chicken breast topped with homemade guacamole, oven roasted pumkin sprinkled with cracked black pepper and dill, tiramisu with orange peel
dump: nil

B @ 9.30am: mocha
L @ 12.30pm: beef tortellini in cream sauce, 1 slice of pizza
D @ 8.30pm: fried noodles, a handful of peanuts
dump: nil

B @ 11am: mocha
L @ 2pm: half a large pizza, 1 mocha
D @ 9pm: salad with homemade dressing - tomatoes, radish, avocado
dump: once

B @ 9am: mocha
L @ 1pm: rice with butter chicken curry, beef vindaloo, spinach with cottage cheese
D @ 7.30pm: fried noodles, teh tarik
dump: once

B @ 9am: mocha
L @ 1.30pm: spaghetti carbonara, mocha
D @ 6.30pm: 1 slice of mud cake
Supper @ 11pm: salad (tomatoes, corn and brocolli) with honey mustard
dump: once

B : nil
L @ 12noon: corn fritters, poached eggs, bacon and toast with hollandaise sauce, cappuccino
D @ 6pm: kingfish and salmon sashimi, 1 beer
Supper @ 11pm: mouthfuls of fried rice noodles
dump: once

B : nil
L @ 12noon: homemade pumpkin soup with garlic bread, mocha
D @ 5.30pm: spicy beef stew vietnamese noodles
Supper @ 11pm: homecooked double boiled chicken soup
dump: once

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