food diary: 8 - 14 sept

I was (actually am still) quite weak after being sick for so many weeks. I remember my mum used to always make those yucky black chinese herbal soups with black skinny kampung chickens for me. She also made me lug back a few boxes of herbs (not all made it past the Australian customs though) the last time I came back from SG so that I can make soups for myself regularly. And so it was 十全大补汤 for me last week. Double-boiled for 4.5hours! It was not bitter like I expected. Quite nice actually. I totally devoured the half chicken (normal white chicken, not the black ones) used to cook the soup. It shall be dang gui (dunno which dang and which gui) chicken soup next. And I dunno what other herbal soups there are...

B : nil
L @ 11.30pm: fried rice, beef in black bean sauce, 1 mocha
Tea break @ 3.30pm: mocha
D @ 8pm: homecooked meal - antipasto black and green olives, fresh ripe on the vine tomatoes, steamed brocolli and cauliflower salad, fusili with mushrooms in cream sauce, some yoghurt
dump: nil

B @ 9.30am: lemon and ginger tea
L @ 12.30pm: laksa, mocha
Tea break @ 4.30pm: 1 KrispyKreme doughnut
D @ 8pm: homecooked meal - 3 slices of garlic bread, 2 large oven baked portobellas topped with minced garlic, spaghetti in basil pesto sauce, green olives stuffed with fetta and sundried tomatoes
dump: nil

B @ 9.30am: 1 mocha, 1 chocolate crunch
L @ 1.30pm: thai gravy noodles
D @ 8pm: homecooked meal - porridge with dried scallops, stir fried fresh shitake with baby corn and fresh scallops, fried eggs
dump: once

B @ 8.30am: nil
Tea break @ 11am: half a ham cheese croissant
L @ 1pm: laksa, mocha
Tea break @ 4.30pm: mocha cheesecake
D @ 7.30pm: hotpot with quail's eggs, enoky mushrooms, fish roe balls, luncheon meat, sichuan cold noodles
dump: once

B : nil
L @ 1.30pm: chicken schnitzel with chips and salad
D @ 8pm: nasi goreng with an egg
dump: once

B @ 11am: half a burger with the lot
L @ 2pm: homemade salad - cherry tomatoes, avocado and baby radish with a homemade sauce of mustard seed, honey, lemon and olive oil
D @ 7pm: crumbed chicken breast with mashed potato
dump: nil

B : nil
L @ 12.30pm: salmon and tuna sashimi, fresh oysters, chilli mussels, seaweed salad
D @ 6.30pm: homecooked meal - chicken herbal soup with the chicken meat, chilli mussels
Supper @ 10.30pm: avocado, cherry tomato and radish salad
dump: nil


Alex said...

waaah...please take care gal! Get well soon!

snowcloud said...

chio-est one, i think the "dang gui" soup hor, better wait till u're much better. Afraid that ur body may not be able to take sth so "pu".

For soup hor, u can boil some pork ribs, add in apples and pears, plus chinese almonds and dried figs, red dates.

Hope u re feeling better now.

*big hugs*

monkeycrab said...

dante: me is ok liao except for a little cough.

rae: orh yes madam. cos i is lazy to go hunt for the individual ingredients, so i just grab those already packaged herbal soups from an asian grocery store. this week, i'm having a simple chicken soup with some small red balls and some white strips of something (i dunno what they're called).