the phantom of the opera

I got 2 front row tickets to watch The Phantom of the Opera as a birthday present.

On Sunday, I dressed up a little and arrived early at the Lyric Theatre in Star City after a quick visit to Darling Harbour where the Malaysian Festival was held. As I didn't get to savour any delicious malaysian food, I had a quick bite at Star City instead. I then had about an hour to kill before the musical started. A bit drowsy from the 'happy juice' concoction (read: cough syrup), I found a comfy couch in a cafe and spaced out until it was time to enter the theatre.

The person I was most attracted to during the whole musical was the female conductor the stage cast affectionately referred to as 'Maestro'. She stood only a few arms' lengths from where I sat. I had an unobstructed view of the stage and the area where the musicians were seated (is there a term for this group of musicians who play for musicals? Don't think it's called an orchestra?). This Maestro is so not the stereotypical old, grey-haired, wrinkly-faced, usually male conductor. She's gorgeous, slim and doesn't look a day past 35. She appeared so relaxed and was constantly smiling at the violinists and clarinetists while keeping her eyes on what was happening on stage. She conducted the piece with such grace and was so charismatic I just couldn't take my eyes off her. I also liked the black slightly see-through uber sexy top she wore. She would definitely be someone I'd go after if I'm a guy or a lesbian.

I was a little surprised by how small the stage in the Lyric Theatre was. The entire theatre didn't seem as grand as I imagined it to be too. I would be interested to go watch something at the Capitol Theatre and the Sydney Opera House just to see how the interior is like.

Anyways, back to the musical. The Phantom of the Opera holds a special place in my heart. I struggled through many songs from this musical in my first days learning to play the flute back in my symphonic band years. I still remember those days when I would stand along the corridor outside the band room everyday after lessons, practising my solos in the heat. Then, shortly after performing this Andrew Lloyd Webber piece for our annual school concert, the Phantom troupe arrived in Singapore (I think that was in 1995 or 1996). Being a poor student, I couldn't afford a ticket and was very upset. I think Sunshine23 went (if I remember correctly). I must have been so jealous then. So I went and bought the book instead. I think I read it a few times. And I never failed to shed a few silent tears each time I read it.

Over the years, I never had a chance to watch any musical (besides the students' performance of The Sound of Music for one of my school's events back in 1992 - I think), partly due to work, partly due to the lack of companions to watch them with (how sad). So so so. The Phantom is my virgin musical! This is rather embarrassing, since I'd played so many songs (and fell in love with them) from so many musicals since I was 13. I remember I hated Miss Saigon because I couldn't master the flute sections for that piece. But I've always wanted to watch Miss Saigon because a mentor-and-friend watched it in London and told me it was one of the best he's seen. He also said I must watch it in London and nowhere else. Okaaaaaaaaaaay. I'll add it to the list of to-do things before I die.

Next up: I'm hoping it will be Billy Elliot at Capitol Theatre. Any sponsors? Hehe.


E said...

I think it is still called an orchestra, and the place where they play is called the orchestral pit.

Do you still play the flute?

Reading the book instead of watching the musical was a much better idea, in my opinion!

E said...

Eh how come you didn't get to eat any Msian food?? I didn't go as I didn't finish my work in time.

monkeycrab said...

i haven't touched the instrument since 1997. but i'm sure i can still play it now, though only for simple songs until i familiarise myself again with the fingerings. as for the msian fest, u didn't miss much.

sunshine23 said...

Yes Angel, i did went to watch. And yes, Phantom of the Opera always have a special place in my heart, maybe due to the mystery and mainly due to we played this musical before (Part of our life).