i scare myself

I am posting this photo specially for all my friends who read my blog. Hehe.

I bought a new hydration mask from Jurlique that happens to be of a bird shit green colour. One night, I applied it and thought it looked scary in the orangey light from my bedside lamp. So I took many shots of myself making ghost faces.

A few nights later, I took out my camera to photograph my new shoes. This picture appeared when I turned on the cam to take a close up shot of the shoes and man... I jumped. I had forgotten about the scary pics I took.

Afterwards, I found it so funny I thought I should share with all of you, my friends. Haha.


fav tudi said...

rofl... shifu this is sooo funny!!! we shld do this together ;)

monkeycrab said...

tudi, i agree we should do this together. i am already thinking of ways to dress u up hehehe...