personality test

Got this from izzy. You can take the test here.

My results are:

I put my pride first, followed by my family, then love, then career and finally money. (Quite true really. But I'm not that sure I put my pride before family and love... but career and money definitely come after family and love.)

My personality is cute. (HUH?)

My partner is lazy. (HAHAHA. Lazy like a pig.)

My enemies are irritating.

I think sex is good. (Understatement)

My own life is scary. (Uhhhhh...... why so?)

Tudi is someone I will never forget. (Of cos)

Sunshine23 is someone I consider a true friend. (Of cos)

KT is someone I truly love. (WAH!)

My mum is my twin soul. (This seems weird)

BH is someone I will remember for the rest of my life. (Of cos)

I am supposed to get 7 others to do this test, and my wish will come true on Saturday. As my wish is to strike millions in Lotto, I command these people to take the test immediately!!!

--> Tudi, BH, Snowcloud, Flyaway, Sunshine23, Strawberry, Eliss


Eliss said...

hey i took the test.
i think sex is strong and, get this, LKH is someone I consider a true friend...wah hahahaha

This test not very accurate for me leh...

monkeycrab said...

why would you even think of LKH when doing the test??? Heng you didnt put LKH for the one where its someone you truly love ah!

monkeycrab said...

TMD! I'm supposed to strike Lotto but I F***ing forgot to buy Lotto lor!!! WTF WTF WTF.