for eliss

It's Eliss' birthday today. A few girls and I had to secretly go get a cake and flowers so as to give her a surprise.

I still remember, last year, she walked right into the same shop when I was ordering a birthday cake for her. It was so awkward. We stood staring at each other for like two seconds before she promised to pretend she didn't see me.

This year, we went to great lengths to keep it from her by taking a different route back to office to avoid bumping into her and hiding the cake and flowers in obscure places she'd never venture to. It was a rather difficult task to not get discovered by Eliss as she is always everywhere.

We then had a slight emergency when we realised the cake didn't come with candles. Someone suggested we light a cigarette in place of candles. I actually went around looking for one. Fortunately someone found some stray candles to save us having to inhale cigarette smoke.

I guess she must have suspected something. In any case I hope there was at least some surprise factor. This shall be the last July birthday in the Corporate Comms room. Til next July then.

ps: Eliss, I think you looked really good in the checkered shirt dress today.


Eliss said...

haha thanks Jac for this lovely post. Note: there are plenty of candles in the wooden serving trolley in the L2 kitchen.

snowcloud said...

happy birthday to eliss!

(wow she knows where things are hidden)

can said...

eliss, that's where we found the candles in the end. but i bet you won't know whee we hid your flowers. happy birthday once again :)