food diary: 23 - 29 june

Incomplete food diary for this week cos of the rush in preparation for the trip to Joburg and most of Sunday was spent in the air towards South Africa. There will also be no meal and dump records for next week til I'm back from Joburg.

B @ 9.30am: mocha
L @ 1pm: penne with tuna and mushrooms in cream sauce, mocha
Dinner @ 7.30pm: homecooked fried noodles with eggs, enoky mushrooms and chilli in a yangzhou fried rice paste
dump: nil

B @ 8am: 1.5 KrispyKreme donuts, mocha
L @ 12noon: 6 inch subway melt, 2 cookies
D @ 7.30pm: KFC Zinger burger, 3 wicked wings, 1 small mashed potato, a few fries
dump: nil

B @ 10am: cappuccino
L @ 12noon: McAmerica burger
D @ 7pm: 2 packs of frozen meals (1 pasta thing and 1 beef thing), a pack of potato chips
dump: nil

B : cappucino
L @ 4pm: 3 sushi rolls
D @ 8pm: vietnamese beef rice noodles soup
dump: once

B : mocha
L @ 1.30pm: spaghetti carbonara
D @ 8pm: chicken schnitzel with salad and chips
dump: nil



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