chunie's big day

Chun's big day 2007:

and in 2008:

We went to the same restaurant - Juju's at Kings Cross for Chunie's birthday for both years. The only sad thing is that Joy and BH are not here with us this year. I had several flashbacks of the conversations we had in this same place on this same day last year.

This year, I was honoured to be invited again!

So in appreciation of the exclusive invitation, we chipped in and bought him a nice dinner and a special birthday 'cake'.

Mr Chun was one of the first few friends I made when I first arrived in this foreign land. I remember there was even a night when I went crying to him because I was so stressed out by a shitload of things. He is even my housemate now (although not for much longer).

I really have to thank him for all the times he was there for me. You're a great friend, man. Happy 27th!

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