dog charmer & code geass

Lately I've been attracting not men but dogs. No kidding. At the beaches, the shops, the streets, anywhere, everywhere. Random dogs will run up to me wanting to play. When I walked back from lunch with Izzy one afternoon a dog yanked his leash off his owner's (a little girl in this case) grip, pounced on me and tried to drown me with his saliva. Izzy and I laughed cos yeah they know a bitch when they see one. And remember Holly? She used to like to catch me unawares so she could french kiss me. She's one lesbian doggie. Kinky...

My guess is they like my scent - I use Clinique Happy for men (yes I always use men's perfume don't ask me why it's just a personal preference). KT thinks it's just the 'smoky pants' effect (okay that's a private joke).

On something else totally unrelated to the canines, Chun passed me 23 episodes of this Japanese anime - Code Geass. Gosh, I have totally lost touch with the anime world. I don't even know where it's at now for Bleach and Naruto. This Code Geass series can probably be my nightly entertainment when I next go to Mangalore.

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