i was delirious

Last night, I was having one of those fevers where I was nauseous, felt hot and cold and my head felt like exploding all at the same time so I went to bed at 8.40pm. In my delirium, I had lots of weird dreams.

I found myself playing the flute. I played all the songs from the Phantom of the Opera musical. I was in a symphonic band for four years in school. I played the flute and the piccolo. It's been twelve years since I touched the instruments. Or tried to read a music score. I struggled a bit initially trying to sideread the score and to get the fingerings right. After a while, it was like I never lost touch with the instrument, with music at all.

In the midst of it all, I find myself teleporting between taking artistic photos with a brand new DSLR in my old house in Pulau Ubin, trying to fly an aircraft by taking off at the edge of a cliff, and concentrating on making no mistakes in the musical performance in a concert hall filled with thousands.

It was stressful, fun, exciting, scary, nostalgic, and most of all, exhausting.

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snowcloud said...


i hv always imagined u looking cool playing the drums.. chio + cool!