of being an ant

Another weird dream. I am an ant. I live in a community of ants. And I work with ants. Everything is so small. I drink coffee from a tiny little cup. I skitter here and there, with other ants and do what ants do, carrying food from point A to point B and busy busy busy with I dunno what. Additionally, I have the sacred task of doing some complicated analysis on the demographics of the ant community and to present to the higher powers in graphical form.

Then I woke up, went a few huhs?!?! and promptly fell alseep again. The dream continued where I went to a bookshop (still an ant) and bought books (???) for myself and all the other ants. WTF?


E said...

using my complicated dream interpretation manual (my brain) it means that you are an industrious worker working towards a common goal led by a leader you believe you. you feel like you are chosen and you respect your leader. you have work responsibilities and you are anxious to learn and to teach on the job.


monkeycrab said...

OMG. you are the first person who didn't laugh at my silly dream and even bothered to rationalise it. my colleagues couldn't stop poking fun at this ridiculous dream of mine. looks like i'll have to consult this complicated dream interpretation manual more often now.