monkey fashion for the spring races

It wasn't a deliberate attempt - I only discovered it as I was sifting through the hundreds of photos taken afterwards - but I managed to go for my first spring race here in Sydney bedecked in everything (ok maybe not EVERYTHING, but most things) new from head to toe.

Fascinator: Bought this specially for the races... man, they are expensive! I paid AUD35 for this one which is a relatively simple headpiece. Most of the ones I saw were all above AUD50. Some are in the region of a few hundreds...

Dress: I got this purple and black tube dress with a sequined waistline from Seduce for attending a Christmas party last year but it ended up hanging in my wardrobe unworn for 10 months until now. It attracted compliments from a lady in front of me in the queue when our party adjourned from the racing track to Kelly's at Bondi Junction for dinner.

Clutch bag: I blogged about my bargain buy from Bijoux - this elegant clutch bag for $20 - back in Aug 2008 and can you believe it, today was the first time it's been out of the drawer...

Shoes: Technically speaking, they are not brand new. They've been worn once for a couple of hours in SG and this was their second time out of their box to see the bigger world.

Sunglasses: OK this has got to top the list here... I got this pair of dark purple tinted Morrissey sunnies with a row of bling bling diamantes across the bridge at a factory outlet in the US when I was there in year 2000. It took me a decade to decide they are not too flashy to be worn out... they went really well with my outfit today!

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