istanbul, turkey

I will be travelling to Istanbul, Turkey for a work event in the first week of November. Having never been to that part of the globe before, I'm contemplating making use of the weekend before and after the event to explore this legendary city rich with ancient civilisation history but the domestic side of me is slightly hesitant to be away from the comfort of my pillow formation for too long.

There is also another corner in my mind where paranoia is fighting its adventurous cousin; it'll be awesome to go on a solo trip around this city with its enchanting blend of Eastern and Western culture but hmmm... is it safe for a frail little Asian girl like me to be wandering around on my own? Well, I guess I can always join a tour group to be on the safe side but there's nothing I hate more than to be stuck to a set touristy itinerary when I go travelling... decisions decisions...

In the meantime, I'll just continue with the research to build up my ideal itinerary. Then maybe I'll be able to convince the other side of me that is dreading this trip.

Any recommendations on the to-sees, to-dos, to-gos and to-eats?

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