After failing to find my favourite Little Black Dress - even though I managed to find shops that carry Glasshouse candles, they've all run out of this particular one that I want! - I settled on the Sweet Pea & Jasmine scented candle from Ecoya for the following reasons:

1) I like how it looks - the elegantly simple glass container, the pure white colour of the candle and the black wax seal on the outside that has the outline of a lotus flower imprinted on it.

2) It is hand poured and made from 100% natural botanical bases unlike all the petroleum based ones very commonly sold everywhere these days.

3) I like the subtle refreshing fragrance that is neither too fruity nor floral.

The day right after I got this, I found my favourite Little Black Dress in a lifestyle shop on Danks Street. So now I have two great scented candles that I alternate between every day. This makes me very happy.

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