city tattersalls club cup day

I was fooled by the sun into wearing just the skimpy tube dress to the City Tattersalls Club Cup Day at Randwick. It turned out to be a day of extremely strong 80km/h winds with the temperature between 12 and 16 degree celsius. So unlike all these brave souls who ventured out into the open to be nearest to the track, our party of four stayed indoors half the time.

This giant score board details the odds and other critical information before each race and sums up the results after. There were lots of punters doing nothing but stare at it and placing bets the whole day.

It took us a while to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings and the betting system as it was both Vanisha's and my first time to the races.

I am not much of a gambler so I was glad to have the company of my faithful camera.

And I couldn't help but stare at all the elaborate headwear and fancy dresses; everyone including the men were all dressed up like they were attending the most important event of their lives! So I was happily snapping away at all these fashionistas instead of paying attention to the races. We missed Race #1 upon arrival but when asked which horse I would like to bet on for Race #2, I just simply picked my favourite number horse #7 which didn't even make the start!

Besides having an excuse to dress up flamboyantly during the day, going to the races is also a great bonding activity for both the boys and the gals as can be seen below....

We had lots of time to kill in between races in which I started analysing the odds while watching the many planes making their descent towards the runway not too far away... and I am extremely proud to announce I won money in all the subsequent races with a bit of research on the race book and probability calculations. The day became more interesting once you get more involved in the betting.

I even managed to capture some of the horses in action while rooting for my horses by screaming at the top of my voice like everyone else around me.

To sum up my bets for my phenomenal day:

Race 2: $5 on a win and $5 on a place for horse #7 - lost all $10. All subsequent bets were mostly small bets of $2...

Race 3: bet on a win and a place for horse #3 - it came in third but the winnings were pathetic due to the odds. Still in the negative overall.

Race 4: bet on a place for horse #3 - it came in second and I broke even for the day.

Race 5: bet on a win and a place for horse #6 - it came in first and I was positive about $50++!

Race 6: bets on a win for horse 5 and a place for horses 6 and 7 and they came in first, second and third respectively - positive about $90+ at this stage.

Race 7: Because it was our last race, and because there were so many horses in this one, and finally because of the ridiculously high payouts, my strategy was to place $2 on a win for all the horses with payouts >10. Total bet on this race was $30. I figured if I lost all in this race, I still have a $60 profit, but as long as one of the horses won, I would be a few hundred dollars richer - worth the bet. In the end, I lost $3 in this race.

Which made the day's total profit about $90. So all those moolahs spent on the admission and sauvignon blancs were recovered. Cool!!!!

A final group photo before we left. Can you tell from the pic who won and who lost???

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