five pairs in a month

Without intending to, I bought five pairs of shoes in the month of September.

The super comfy shoes I bought in SG last year that I wear every single day to work were wearing out... and since summer is approaching, I got these soft sandals in two different colours to replace them. There is actually another purple and brown combination which I'm secretly thinking of getting as well because it's really hard to come across shoes like these that are so comfortable that you can walk around in them for hours on end and not end up with achy feet full of blisters.

I got these dainty ones for days when I need something that oozes femininity to match my girlie dresses.

I got these because I liked the colour but they gave me such bad blisters on the heels the first and only time I wore them out that I don't really know what to do with them now... do I grit my teeth and wear them out more at the risk of adding more bunions and blisters to my feet in the hope of breaking them in eventually or do I just get rid of them right away to prevent further damage to my poor feet?

And these four inch high heels are only for special big nights out. I can't really wear them for long hours as they give me back aches. I very rarely put on heels... maybe once every one or two months so I guess it's still ok...

I have plans to wear the above killer heels with a glittery satin tube dress to the races tomorrow; it's my first time attending a true blue Aussie spring race so I'm really excited! I am going to sacrifice fashion and lug my big-ass dSLR along to try and capture pics of the other spring fashionistas... hopefully my zoom lens are good enough to get some decent paparazzi shots.

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