bowling challenge

For the second year running, my company had this bowling challenge event for our Sydney staff held at Manhattan Super Bowl located at the corner of Botany Road and Gardeners Road. Thanks to the generosity of the Chairman, we only had to pay half of the usual cost for two games of bowling and a selection of gourmet pizzas served on the lanes.

Below are the only two pictures I took with the girls courtesy of Mr Chun's Nikon dSLR. It's amazing how clear the photos turned out in the dim disco lights; it's something my standard camera package (EOS 450 and the 18-55mm lens that came with it) can't achieve. According to the photographer, it's all thanks to the speedlite flash and his newly acquired prime lens.

Here's part of the total score tally after the event. I ranked second out of 56 players, a mere 6 points behind the top bowler who happened to be a guy, and hence earned myself the Top Female Bowler award. If you look at the column 'HSG', I actually had the highest score for one of the rounds at 146; not too bad for someone who hasn't bowled since the last challenge a year ago but still miles away from my personal top score of 176 achieved a decade ago.

And I got this cute little trophy for the night's effort. ^^v

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