from noob to gourmet

2006 - I was a noob in the kitchen trying to make burger for dinner in the first few weeks of my arrival in Sydney. Below is a video I made out of boredom then. I don't think I've shared it in all these years. Do not laugh, ok!

Four years on, I can actually make some really great burger patties from scratch!!! The list of all the ingredients used goes: minced beef, bread crumbs, chopped onions, sliced mushrooms, chopped apples, chorizo cut into small pieces, salad, eggs, strawberries, brie cheese.

The patties are made by mixing the minced beef, onions, apples, bread crumbs, chorizo and eggs with lots of spices and herbs. Corn flour was sprinkled on the patties afterwards so they don't disintegrate once they hit the pan. I didn't quite keep track of the proportions of each ingredient - everything was done by gut feel and was dependent on the chef's mood.

They were then pan fried over small fire. I was very worried the meat wouldn't cook well enough due to the thickness and was prepared to put them into the oven as a back up but they all turned out beautifully brown and well done.

A simple side of strawberries and mushrooms was added to the dinner menu because I was trying to use up whatever food there was in the fridge before they all went bad.

Baguette was used instead of the usual burger buns. I stuck them into the oven for a bit before spreading some butter and tomato sauce on it.

Then in went the salad, pineapple slices and cherry tomatoes.

Lastly, arrange the patties and brie cheese onto the bread and add the sides and we have a nice gourmet homecooked burger meal.

So what do you think of my progression from a noob to gourmet in four years? Quite impressive hey? ^^v

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