clearance on asos

On this last day of my birthday month that happens to also be in pay week, I indulged myself in a bit of online shopping. My random surfing brought me to ASOS - The Online Fashion Store. And omg. I couldn't stop adding stuff to my shopping bag! Here are some of my favourites below.

First I had a look at the dresses clearance section. I have shortlisted four and ranked them below in order of preference. I have all of them waiting to be checked out for delivery except for the purple one which was out of my size. They are all going at >50% discount!

Prophecy Gathered Bandeau Dress - Teal

Prophecy Draped Embellished Dress - Purple

Freesoul Abstract Stripe Strapless Dress - Black

One Teaspoon Freelove Maxi Dress - Smokey Quartz

Then I ventured on to the other sections and discovered all these cute Wellies. I've long made known my love for such gum boots and seeing these selling at half price at only 37 USD each is making it very difficult for me to resist adding them to my shopping bag. The strong AUD now - almost on par with the USD - is also not helping much in my quest to save some money for other more important things.

Left to right:
- Cath Kidston Mini Dot Shine Wellington Boots
- Cath Kidston Spring Wellington Boots
- Cath Kidston Stanley Dog Welligton Boots (this is the cutest! It has these little bones and doggies in red vests all over.)

I discovered more and more bargains the more I explored the site.

Left to right:
- London Rebel Buckle Boots
- Jonathan Aston Leopard Print Hold-Ups
- Pleasure State VIP Eva Silk Satin Mosaic Print Midi Brief

Ok. The plan now is to log out of the site and sleep on it for a night or two. If I still feel as strongly then about the items in my shopping bag, I'll buy them. Otherwise, I'll just save that money for other more important stuff than clothes, shoes and accessories.


xuan-er said...

ahhh. me too! *resist the sale* *resist the sale* continues the chant

Sunshine23 said...

so u've slept on it and how many do you intend to purchase?
but all look soooo nice!!!!

monkeycrab said...

ended up not buying anything cos all that i like ran out of my size! never mind. save the money for more splurging on my next trip back to sg...