let's celebrate the rain

Last Friday was a wet and stormy one. Having had a very long and tiring work week with intensive meetings lasting til 2 to 3 in the morning for a few consecutive nights, the moment I was informed I wasn't required for any meeting on Friday evening, I decided I would go let loose some hell regardless of the weather.

It could have been the caffeine overdose that evening, or the extended period of deprivation of playtime, or both, I found this unstoppable impulse within me to go kick some ass in the puddles amid the raging storm. All I needed was an appropriate outfit that could minimise the water damage to the body - I certainly didn't want to catch a chill in this very busy work period.

So I dug out this pair of very loud flamboyant purple floral gumboots that had been sitting in a box hidden under an entire column of my other 1,394 shoe boxes for the longest time. These boots were left behind by an intern who put up at my apartment for a short few weeks because she had to shed some weight off her excess baggage when she left Sydney. I had meant to return them to her but always forgot to pack them into the suitcase when I went back to SG the last few times. So then why waste the boots when they can be put to better use right? I am sure my pretty intern will understand.

And ta-da! Here was the funky outfit I put together in a mere 10 minute timeframe! You can see I was all wrapped up because it was sooooooo butt-freezin' cold.

You would never have caught me in such an outfit back in SG, besides the weather factor, there's also the style and colour combination - it's just too bold and makes me stand out like a sore thumb when I just want to fade into the background most of the time. One thing good about living and working in a foreign country is that you really don't bother if people around you find your dressing weird. Here in Sydney, most people respect the individual's different fashion style as his/her form of expression and will not stop to give you rude stares because you dress differently from them unless you appear like a monster from out of this world. And so I brought my funky little self to the funky little suburb of Newtown and hey! I felt like I was one of the Newtownians! And yes, there were lots of dashing around and puddle-hoppings. It was so much fun! The week-long work blues melted away in less than like 3.279 seconds.

This little adventure prompted me to embark on a search for the perfect pair of cheerful gumboots so that I may enjoy the rainy season more. I googled the words gumboots and wellingtons and wellies etc to death and finally came across the Plueys boots below that made me go all gaga and lala over.

Lotsa Dots

Tokyo Rain

Argyle Crush (left) and Matchpoint (right)

I really really want to buy a pair of funky gumboots!!!


beakee said...

oh oh i lurve the argyle ones!!!

Madam J said...

i like the tokyo rain ones. hey, u looked good in your outfit! and talk about cold weather? you do not know what REAL COLD WEATHER is, miss!

monkeycrab said...

if i only get to buy one pair, i think i'll likely choose the Tokyo Rain.

eh madam, not sure if i told u, but i was caught in a blizzard at -30degC when skiing in Whistler. that must be what experiencing real cold weather is like? not fun at all.

E(ileen) said...

Love that outfit! Gum boots are awesome! I've got three pairs now :/ Should have worn one today instead of suede boots, didn't realise it was raining till I left the house.

monkeycrab said...

hey Eileen, any sites or shops to recommend? can't seem to find many that sell nice gumboots here... these Plueys ones can only be found in the US and if i purchase online, there's a 30USD shipping cost on top of the 60USD price for the boots. i am so not going to pay 50% of the cost of the boots for shipping!