the unofficial swimming challenge

It all started about a year ago when two of my colleagues challenged each other to a swim race. The challenge never took place due to some unforeseen circumstances. It was brought up again very recently at Baby Matthew's party and the date and venue was set. The day arrived and a total of six challengers and eight supporters turned up.

Here's most of the people gathered at the rendezvous point waiting for the latecomers and strategising on how to win the race.

A few of the swimmers testing out the water.

Changing into their gear.

The cheering squads getting ready. Here's presenting to you our cutest and youngest cheerleader Cassy. She totally stole the limelight that afternoon.

We had Seajay (the youngest challenger - she's only twelve), Dylan (Seajay's Dad) and CC in Heat 1 (left pic); Little Boss Irwin, Steph (Seajay's Mum) and Izzy were in Heat 2 (right pic).

And we had the three men in the finals.

Here are some pics of the action.

And we have the second runner-up receiving his medal.

The runner-up receiving his medal.

And the champion got a medal and a trophy!

Even Cassy the youngest cheerleader got a medal for her efforts (actually I think she stole her Dad's).

Group pic of all the challengers below.

And finally, a relaxing lunch for the whole group. It was a Saturday morning well spent. Next I think I'll organise a track and field day or some spoon and egg race event.


o8ight said...

must censor/pixelize Cassy's half nude photo! next time she sue you...

let's have the next whatever race in pairs (only FF/MF pairing, MM pairing too advantageous) so Ben has no reason to not show.

monkeycrab said...

there are so many half nude photos here... wait everybody sue me i die...

o8ight said...

child pornography! who cares abt grown ups....

another sleepless night...die...