a bit more motivated

Work can really be a pleasant distraction sometimes. I was whinging just a few days ago like it was the end of the world. And today, I cheered up considerably because I had a greatly productive day at work. Many critical issues on my current big-ass project that had been bothering me for a while were ironed out and this helped set a very positive note for the rest of the week and for progressing the project to the next level.

Come tomorrow morning, I am going to spend at least half a day mentoring a new colleague on some analysis work and internal process audits. Being the naturally nurturing motherly me (I am so full of self-praise BS, I know. LOL!), of course I am looking forward to this session. It also means I get to offload a bit of work (that's if I can successfully train my protege) in preparation for the ginormous efforts needed for that big-ass project which I expect will go full steam ahead in about a month's time. Honestly, I feel a bit jittery about it due to the extremely steep learning curve (I have got zero experience in this area and had to fumble my way around for a while) and almost impossible timeline. But I believe I'll be able to work something out. See how much I changed in just two days - from the totally unmotivated me on Saturday to the oh-so-driven me now? Unbelievable.

I must thank everyone who left encouraging comments in my previous depressing entry and those who emailed/called/smsed me to find out how I was doing because these peeps definitely played a huge role in cheering me up.

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Sunshine23 said...

hey hey angel!!
so glad to read this entry of yours and I know you are back to yourself again. Well for mentoring, I believe you'll do a GREAT job, this protege of yours is so damn lucky lor. To be working with you and getting the chance to handle this gigantic project. and once again, you'll prove to everyone that you are the 厉害one.. muahahha