bbq, singstar & matt's bday

Got an exclusive invitation for a BBQ/Singstar/Matt's birthday celebration at Steph's place on Saturday. Matt is one of the pilots we recruited from South Africa as part of my overseas pilot recruitment project last year. Here's Matt with the biggest smile I've ever seen him carry, with his beer and three gigantic candles in preparation for Earth Hour.

First drink I had for the night was this South African cider Hunter's Gold that Steph drove all over Sydney and its suburbs to find. It tastes great, way better than Strongbow which I've always liked. Cheese platter with chips were supplied by Beh Kee as starters while we prepared the meats for BBQ. I was the main alcohol supplier for the night - vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur and shiraz but sadly we forgot to take a pic of the poisons.

The originally designated chef Dylan had to be called up to pilot a flight at the last minute and so a few of us had to take up the daunting task of cooking for the whole gang.

Steph was the overall supervisor while Irwin and I slogged our guts out at the fire.

Izzy did all the lamb cutlets.

While I did all the kebabs, sausages and rissoles. Irwin's part was in marinating and cooking the chicken wings and assisting Izzy with the lamb.

Ready to feast.

Steph made this homecooked potato bake thingy with pumpkin and mushrooms that tasted fabulous.

Cassy had her own private little dining corner where she got to enjoy the delicious BBQ spread too.

Izzy had to go fight with Cassy for her cute Winnie the Pooh plate and her little white baby chair! Bad girl. Heh.

Matt did the setting up of the Singstar discs and mikes for a singing challenge after all the feasting. Seajay and her little friend had the first go which wasn't too bad.

It's actually not that easy to make sure all the pitches, rhythms, timings and words are executed perfectly.

The audience had a great laugh over some of the tone deafs and superstar wannabes screaming their lungs out. Here's Georgia, Matt's pilot girlfriend getting bored to death by the amateur singing.

Dijon with the beer bottle poking out at a weird angle in a funny location is officially the worst challenger of the night. He's got quite a *ahem* unique *ahem* singing style. By the way, is that a new way of chilling your beer or cooling the b*lls?

Everyone was sporting and got to sing something, even Irwin who never sings at any karaoke sessions did more than a few numbers, and did them surprisingly well too. My vanilla vodka could have played a part in getting everyone to embarrass themselves eh? Great way to spend a Saturday night in. Looking forward to many more such sessions!

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