baby matthew is 1 month old

Time truly flies. We just welcomed Baby Matthew into this world not too long ago and now we're celebrating his first month. At this rate, we'll be celebrating his first step, his first word, his graduation from kindy and primary school, etc etc in no time at all. See how grown up he looks now? He definitely looks wiser than his age!

In Chinese culture, a baby's first month calls for a grand celebration where the proud parents introduce the new addition to their family by holding a 'red egg and ginger' party. Several of us got together for a pre-celebration where Baby Matthew's Grandmother from SG whipped up lots of yummy dishes that allowed us poor Singaporean 'orphans' to savour the familiar taste of home. The spread included fried bee hoon (vermicelli), Singaporean style chicken curry, crispy deep fried chicken wings, sambal chilli prawns, beef brisket stew, roti prata (Indian style pancake bread) and stir fried mixed veges. The highlight of the dinner was the pig's trotters with ginger and vinegar stew - supposedly a very nutritious dish for new mothers that helps in the recovery from their weakened states following childbirth. The red-dyed eggs, symbolising happiness and the renewal of life are handed out at the end of the party so that all guests don't leave empty handed. Traditionally, an even number of eggs are sent out for a boy, and an odd number to announce a baby girl. The below photo of the red eggs was taken by Ernest (which I photoshopped a bit) as I'd forgotten to take any pics of them.

I tried playing with Baby Matthew and carrying him. I don't think I look half as motherly as all the other female guests present.

There was a second celebration for Baby Matthew, this time at work in the Rex building on a Friday afternoon. Baby Matthew's Mummy bought a special tiramisu cake for the occasion that tasted heavenly.

Mummy also prepared lots of different coloured jelly in various flavours for the office which I kept eating non-stop, especially the pink almond jelly.

I just love their colours.

And here's the Lee family. It's obvious both Papa and Mama are extremely proud of Baby Matthew, he's such a fine baby. Congrats!

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