classical music helps resolve gang fights?

News of bikie gang fights, drive-by shootings, brawls in public places such as shopping malls were hitting the headlines here in Sydney almost everyday since a bikie's brother (who's not even a bikie gang member) got bludgeoned to death in a Hells Angels vs Comancheros brawl involving up to 20 people at the Sydney Domestic Airport last week.

Latest news is that gangs are flying in reinforcements from both within Australia and overseas and stockpiling weapons and explosives for a showdown under the pretext of some BS peace talks. How exciting... and some people think that these can only happen in movies such as The Young and Dangerous (古惑仔).

I was discussing with Beh Kee how dangerous it is now to go anywhere when you don't even know when you'll get hit by stray bullets or stabbed by accident if you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. But well, you can never prevent something from happening if it's destined to happen, so why lock ourselves up at home?

So what are the authorities doing to ensure the safety of the innocents such as Zervas (who got killed in Sydney Airport), myself and Beh Kee? Besides the finger-pointings going on among the various departments responsible for public safety and security (makes one wonder what is more important in an emergency situation: doing the right job that is within your official list of reponsibilities or saving lives and preventing the public from getting hurt) and brainstorming sessions to rethink the laws governing bikie gangs (makes one wonder what the government has been doing all this while when the gang fights have been going on for a long time, does it only warrant action when a fatality occurs in a high profile location such as the Airport? Also, is a complete ban the solution?), the police has even gone to the extent of playing classical and easy-listening music in certain places in the hope of detering such troublemakers from gathering and hence cut down the chances of brawls taking place in those places. Like, wow. How ingenious. I'm really curious to find out if this classical music method works.

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