wah wah lounge

Photo taken from yourRestaurants website.

I've been to Wah Wah Lounge in Danks Street, Waterloo twice for lunch. It's just next to Fratelli Fresh and Sopra Cafe that I used to frequent.

The place didn't make much of an impression when I first went there with the Corporate Communications team for Danielle's farewell as it was quite a rushed meal since it was on a work day. However I do recall I had a smoothie drink that was refreshing and a pasta dish that was rather yummy. There are also snapshots of a colleague complaining about the number of flies just hanging around on the walls all around. Well, since it's an open concept cafe, I guess we cannot really help it that the flies are everywhere especially when approaching summer.

When I went again with KT on a rainy Sunday morning a month ago, I spent a good 2++ hours there just sipping coffee, reading magazines and enjoying a slow brunch. They forgot our orders and we had to chase up on them after an hour of waiting. The server was very apologetic and offered us free coffee and drinks to make up for his negligence. All in all, I left the place rather satisfied with my free coffee and my salmon dish. KT enjoyed his duck confit as well. We both enjoyed the lazy morning just people watching and wouldn't mind spending more weekends there. Danks Street seems to have a sudden influx of hippies and uhh.... other interesting people, great for people watching.

This reminds me: the 4th annual Danks Street Festival is on tomorrow 26 Oct. Check out what's on here. Looks interesting. I may just pop by to have a look see.


Madam J said...

boooo. i'm so envious! there is ZERO cafe culture in boston...how depressing! and the weather is even more depressing!

monkeycrab said...

is the weather depressing because it's turning cold? isn't autumn nice there with all the trees changing colour?

E(ileen) said...

I've been there too, the food is ok, but the service is a bit patchy. I've found the cafe across the road the corner (Danks Street Depot) to be more than a bit try-hard, don't you think?

monkeycrab said...

i haven't been to Danks Street Depot but have always wanted to give it a try. did u go for the Danks St Festival?