rusty springs

I dunno how I could have missed blogging this. In my short few months' stint at Mangalore in Victoria for work earlier this year, I stayed for a week or two at this quaint little B&B called Rusty Springs. This rustic place is set in the rural town of Avenel and was built from scratch by owner Bob, a retired military man. It's a beautiful place where I spent many a relaxing evening after work enjoying a warm homecooked meal by Bob and Judi (Bob's wife) and listening to them tell stories of Ned Kelly by the fireplace. Bob and Judi's warm hospitality brings the whole B&B experience to another level. (And of course, there's Holly too.) Good things are meant to be shared with all so here are some photos and my best recollection of my time spent at Rusty Springs.

Rusty Springs is made up of two main structures.

Brewery Lane is a themed facility planned around a 1960s streetscape with an enclosed central gathering area. Along this lane are 14 small ensuite rooms, each being built to look like a shop or feature you may find while you walk along the main street of a town.

You could find yourself in the police lockup, the fire station, the general emporium or in Poppins Barber Shop - that was where I spent 2 nights in. The interior of each room is meticulously decorated to match the colour scheme of the 'shop'.

Even the key ring matches the Barber Shop - look, it's a pair of scissors!

My other favourites in Brewery Lane are the Bakery:

The Butcher and the Brothel: Patricia's Palace of Phylical Pleasures (Physical is spelt wrongly as they were short of an 's' during construction haha).

The Barn is a 2 storey, 2 bedroom barn styled cottage that is fully self contained.

All inside The Barn, you'll see Bob's collections: from Marilyn Monroe posters and red lingerie to anything Jaguar to memorabilia from Australia's farming and building history.

Everything is so old fashioned, I just love it. The only thing I couldn't live with was the lack of internet connection. But at least that allowed me to tear myself away from the computer screen and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding the peaceful countryside.

If you happen to be touring the Victorian regions, do pay Bob and Judi a visit at Hovell Street in Avenel. They will make you feel so at home you won't mind staying a few more days there.


fav tudi said...

tudi wanna go!!!! i wonder wad the butcher and the pleasure rooms are like ;)

monkeycrab said...

tudi will definitely like the place. i didnt get to take a peep inside the butcher and pleasure rooms, but i am thinking the pleasure room must be damn kinky. haha

E said...

oh man, this is so cute and kitsch i want to go. but it's not the boy's thing at all. great post :)