food diary: 20 - 26 oct

I've been busy lately and haven't been cooking much. However, the weekly herbal soup regime is still being faithfully observed. Although I have not been updating much on my Project P, it's still ongoing but with reduced focus on the diet portion due to all the eating out. There had been much stocking up on canned food in the last two weeks due to an inexplicable craving for porridge and all the unhealthy canned dishes like braised peanuts, luncheon meat, pickled vegetables, spicy pork cubes etc. I miss the teochew porridge at Havelock Road!!!

B : coffee and 2 biscuits
L @ 1.30pm: thai red curry with rice, 1 mocha
D @ 8pm: prawn noodle soup, a handful of peanuts
dump: once

B @ 9.30am: coffee
Morning tea @ 11am: campbell's chicken soup
L @ 2.30pm: chicken sandwich, ham and cheese sandwich
D @ 7.30pm: thai fried noodles
dump: nil

B @ 9.30am: coffee
L @ 1.30pm: butter chicken, beef vindaloo, rice, mocha
D @ 8.30pm: prawn noodle soup
dump: once

B @ 9.30am: coffee, cinnamon cupcake
L @ 1.30pm: instant noodles
D @ 8pm: spicy beef, wonton in spicy soup and rice
dump: nil

B @ 9.30am : coffee
L @ 1.30pm: chicken mushroom thing with cold pasta
D @ 9pm: grilled siu mai, some hot peanut dessert, hot sake, shishamo, salmon sashimi, grilled squid, assorted sushi, 1 beer
dump: once

B @ 11am: savoury spinach and potato pastry, mocha
L @ 3pm: caramel slice, mocha
D @ 8pm: homecooked porridge white baby clams, braised peanuts and canned dace with black beans
dump: once

B : nil
L @ 1pm: chicken paella, gelato, mocha
Tea break @ 3.30pm: tantan ramen, ocha
D @ 10.30pm: double boiled chicken soup
dump: once

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