she was there for me, like how i was there for him

I had a long dream on Sunday morning just before I woke. My Dad was trying to tell me something very very very important in the dream. But I couldn't remember what it was at all after I woke. It bothered me for a while as I vaguely remembered that he was trying to warn me of something bad that was about to happen.

Later in the afternoon that same day, I got a long distance call from my Bro. He had encountered some difficulty and needed $XXXX cash urgently.

But I had a problem. He needed the money latest by the next day which was Monday. No matter how, telegraphic transfer or SG local bank transfer, I couldn't get the money to him by his deadline. This problem was exacerbated by the fact that Monday was a public holiday here in OZ and a telegraphic transfer from my OZ bank account here will take at least 24 hours (business days only) to reach the designated account in SG. The quickest way was for someone in SG to personally draw the cash from his/her account via the ATM and hand it to my Bro, while I pay him/her via electronic transfer which will only reach his/her account on Wednesday earliest. My Fav Tudi helped solve my problem eventually.

Thinking back, my Dad could have been trying to tell me in my dream that someone in the family needed help. That's my guardian angel attempting to forewarn me so I could prepare the necessary in advance.

When Bro called for help, I didn't ask him to explain why he needed money so urgently. There was no need to ask. No matter what the reason was, I would still have forked out the money to help him. I did not even query him on the repayment because I trust that he would repay me to the best of his ability. That's kinship.

I was embarrassed to have to ask Tudi for help, especially when it involved money, and not a small amount too. So I tried to explain to her as best as I could on why I needed it so urgently. But there wasn't any need to explain anything. Tudi would have helped me regardless of why I needed the money, without even one second of hesitation. That's true friendship.

Remembering back to something I said during a recent lunchtime chat with a few colleagues on friendship: you will know who your true friends (and family) are when you run into difficulties and need support. I am blessed to be reminded once again of the wonderful people I have around me who will always be there to hold me when I fall. I am no longer alone like I used to always think I was.


o8ight said...

what goes around comes around

fav tudi said...

muackz shifu... sorry if tudi sounded curt n tired dat day u called coz tudi was @ the telematch finale.

and remember, *knocks into shifu's head* u are NO LONGER ALONE.