celica convertible

The above black Celica is the exact same model as my red baby... except it's a convertible. Chio! I don't think the stock Celicas come in convertibles though... this must be a private modification if that's the case then. Or could it be that only SG doesn't import the convertible versions (cos I never saw or heard of one in SG my whole life; the above is located in Sydney)? How can I, the ah beng car fanatic who can smell a Skyline, Integra, Supra, Prelude, WRX, Evo from miles away, not have known the existence of the convertible version? Anyways, I is rike this can-suntan-and-enjoy-the-wind-in-my-hair-while-driving version of the Celica... so perhaps I should add this to my zhng the car list.