the colours of coogee

Having cooped myself up at home for a day and a half due to illness, I brought my spinning head and heavy feet to Coogee Beach for some caffeine+sun+oceanbreeze therapy. And it was here, at the below Cafe-Ristorante that I consumed an alcohol-infused coffee - Bailey's Long Latte that confused the hell outta my brain and body. I think they (the brain cells) couldn't decide if they should be sending the 'sleepy' or the 'hyper' signals to the body and as a result, I felt edgy and was in a weird antisocial-leave-me-alone mood the entire evening.

I did, however, enjoy a great but poignant read on the early life of mass murderer Martin Bryant who was involved in the Port Authur Massacre that was featured in the SMH Good Weekend section as well as the beginning chapters of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman while savouring the colours of Coogee amidst the setting sun.

Then it was back to churning the three work reports that were outstanding due to my absence from work on Friday. Two down, one more to go.


E(ileen) said...

That was the cafe where I had two photo prints hanging up. I think the owner (who is a mate of mine) moved them to his home. He also runs the yoga studio upstairs!

monkeycrab said...

oooo... my housemate n i were checking out the yoga studio... maybe u can intro to us someday.

Icy said...

Oooh, I love the graveyard book, one of my favourites, and I soooo hope he writes more adventures of Bod.