beh kee says it's karma

Lately, I have had the great misfortune of having to deal directly with many idiots at work. According to Beh Kee, I must have done something really bad and nasty in my previous life such that I have to make up for it in this life. And my punishment is having to face such hopeless people. They seem to flock to me endlessly. It's karma.

Sometimes I wonder if we, the ones who possess basic common sense, and who bother exercising our brains are the odd ones out. Contrary to what I wrote about creating a whole new world for these nincompoops, maybe we are the ones who need to be relocated to another world specially created for people with brains.

I try very hard to convince myself that stupidity is not a crime. But being stupid, lazy, common-senseless and irritating all in one is totally unacceptable!

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o8ight said...

im beginning to seriously wonder if REX hires them all...