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Because Beakee and Tudi were going on and on about Restaurant City in Plurk, I logged on to Facebook to have a peep, and now I'm hooked. Here's showing off my newly set up restaurant. When I took this screenshot, I was only at level 4 and as you can see, I have not earned enough money yet to decorate my shop front, so it was just a boring looking shack.

And here's the rather empty interior at level 4.

I explored the street a bit and saw Beakee's awesome restuarant Spuntini and Hanzi's Kopitiam right next to Spuntini! I was really motivated to spruce up my restaurant then.

I hired two chefs Beakee and Hye-Won and Tudi as my waiter for a start. Tudi got overworked and I hired Sunshine23 to take over waiting tables while Tudi got a rest.

I left the restaurant running while I had dinner and when I checked back afterwards, I found all my staff collapsed on the floor with big red exclamation balloons over them screaming at me: "We need food or rest!". It was hilarious. In my panic to revive my staff, I forgot to take a screenshot of it! But as I was taking a walk along Restaurant Street, I saw this in Beakee's restaurant and took a shot to show here. Hehe.

And right now, as I type this entry, I am at level 7 and have named my restaurant Jac's Bistro. Check out my newly renovated bistro! If you are on Facebook too, do join the Restaurant City club and come visit my Bistro!

I realise while running Jac's Bistro how much I miss playing Theme Hospital and Sim City. Perhaps I should go get the games and start playing them all over again... that's if I have the time.


Sunshine23 said...

OMG angel, can't imagine you made me worked till I collapsed due to exhaustion!! This looks fun.. and I think I know what I'll be occupied with this labor long weekend.. lol

Anonymous said...

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