save the world

It could have been the flu bug that has been invading the office for over two weeks now; the excessive pancakes I had for late night dessert yesterday; the recent addiction to establishing a fine pizzeria and increasing my karma for dancing banana emoticons; or the 'Tuts My Barreh' video that completely blew my mind. Whatever the reason, I had the most exhausting dream ever that left me feeling like I never slept a wink the entire night.

My Tudi and I were not human beings, but were mini cartoon characters in the dream. I remember feeling that looking at the world around us from a cartoon character's perspective was very enriching indeed - I felt lightheaded most of the time as I couldn't believe what I was seeing and preferred to just faint but the dream wouldn't let me.

And guess what? Tudi and I were travelling on my Plurk timeline, ie. my Plurk page was the universe and each Plurk update was like a landmark or place of interest and each comment within the Plurk update was like an incident that took place. Yeah can you imagine how confused I must have been in the dream?

So anyways that wasn't the end of it. Tudi and I discovered some evil conspiracy going on that threatened to destroy the universe (ie. Plurk) and decided to do all we could to save the world.

And so I spent the rest of the night flying from one end to the other end of the Plurk timeline, shooting evil Plurkers, executing ninja moves, carrying the injured to safer Plurks and so on. Even as I woke, I told myself "Noooooooo... I need to save the world!".

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