on a book spree

This weekend was intended to be one for shopping, specifically for winter clothing seeing how it's already colder than last winter even though we're still only in autumn. Rarely needing to put on extra layers even in the depth of winter (as I've experienced in the last few seasons - that's how I earned the title of being cold-blooded), I now find myself reaching for the few scarves I have in my winter clothing box sealed and kept away in the far corners of my huge wardrobe, and shivering even when decked out in multi layers, tights, boots, scarves and all.

Well, the weekend is almost over and I find myself with six more books to read and nil new clothing.

I know you can tell from the pic what books I bought but I get a kick out of listing them all down so here goes, starting from top left and going clockwise:
1. Helen of Troy by Margaret George
2. Ferney by James Long
3. Procession of the Dead by D.B. Shan
4. Promise of the Wolves by Dorothy Hearst
5. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
6. The Golden Nineties by Lisa Mason

The original intention was to get only one book - Ferney by James Long. I had made a mental note to myself to get this book after reading a review by Beakee in early March. I am not very into the romance genre for books (but for movies, yes!) but Beakee's short description of this particular book kinda sounded like it's a story I'll enjoy reading. I'm now two chapters into it and loving it.

And quite unknowingly, I had grabbed five other books to the cashier... mainly because 1) they're so cheap, like two for $15. Fyi, they're brand new books except for Ferney and The Golden Nineties. You must go take a look inside Chapters Bookstore at Bondi Junction (not inside the mall, it's situated on the shopping streets outside) if you are in that area. And 2) most are books I've had my eyes on and wanting to buy for a long time now especially The Chronicles of Narnia.

This spree lifted me considerably out of my unexpectedly prolonged depression due to sickness, PMS and work stress.

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The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Sometimes, shopping for clothes is exactly like how you've described shopping for gifts in your other post - you'll never find something when you're out specifically to find it.

I hope you find some warm clothes that you like before it gets too cold! x