these are what friends are for!

You will know who your true friends are when they start sharing new life experiences with you. Friends contribute to your enrichment of knowledge and enhancement of lifestyle!

The below Plurk discussion cracked me up so badly and brightened an otherwise dreadful evening that I feel compelled to share here.

Bamboohorse says oh my, today I just learnt to swing my hands when walking. It helps you balance. Everyone should try it.

Beakee says hey... the other day I washed 4 spoons together leh!!!

Bamboohorse is ROFLMAO!!!

Bamboohorse says pray, record a tutorial of it on video. I want to learn!

Monkeycrab says I can wash 5 pairs of chopsticks at one go!

Bamboohorse says oh my oh my! So many new things to learn!

Beakee says stress!!!

Monkeycrab says I am amazed to learn from Bamboohorse on enhancing the art of walking by swinging the hands! definitely gotta try it tomoro!

Bamboohorse will attempt washing 1 spoon and 1 fork at the same time tonight.

GoldenAbacus says ehh.. I manage to wash all my 10 fingers together.

Monkeycrab can wash all 10 fingers and 10 toes at the same time.

GoldenAbacus says teach teach!!!.. I stand can't do that in the sink.

Monkeycrab says do it in the shower la! squat down, put all your toes and fingers together, aim the shower at them, and wash!

Bamboohorse says then your fingers will smell of your feet?

Monkeycrab thinks the feet will smell nice nice like the fingers.

GoldenAbacus says or the finger smell like feet and feet smell like finger.. then u have to wash again to reverse it.

And we wonder where Tudi was the entire time.

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