whispering autumn

(Picture pinched from Beakee's etsy shop)

It was love at first sight for me when I came across it here. Then when the item was eventually listed for sale, I grabbed it without much hesitation.

Autumn has a very special place in my heart, mainly due to the unforgettable one I had last year - the beautiful memories are still as vivid in my mind as if the events took place just a second ago. Even blogthings.com confirmed that I belong in Fall.

Reading about the Whispering Autumn where Beakee describes the soft palette of falling leaves on her etsy site:

"Autumn themes are usually expressed in terms of blazing reds, oranges and yellows. Beautiful in a distinctly fiery way, entirely befitting the end of a glorious summer season, of course. But to me, autumn heralds the arrival of cosiness, cooler days and upcoming holidays, so I personally prefer a more muted palette.";

I just have to have the Whispering Autumn on me for whatever remaining cool Autumn days this season has to give and for the many more beautiful ones to come. It should be on a jet plane to Sydney very soon and I can't wait.

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