silver grey drops

I've been looking for a pair of simple, elegant yet affordable pearl earrings for the longest time. I came very close to getting a pair several times but always stopped myself at the very last minute because there somehow was just something lacking although I couldn't quite pinpoint exactly what.

Then as I was browsing through Beakee's etsy shop after purchasing the very beautiful Whispering Autumn bracelet, I came across these:

From left to right:

1. Gleam Earrings - classic white freshwater pearls on 24K gold vermeil

This pair was very recently listed for sale in Beakee's shop and is still available now (21 May, 6pm Sydney time) if you will like to purchase it. I love the simplicity of this pair of freshwater pearl drops but gold just doesn't work for me. I also find the double twisted earwire a bit too thick for me as my piercings seem to have shrunk due to long periods of excessive laziness and not bothering to at least put on some simple studs to preserve the size of the pierced earholes. Lastly, I much prefer grey pearls to white ones.

I then started poring through Beakee's sold items to see what other pearl earrings she's created before and saw two pairs that I really like:

2. Alpine Mist - white Swarovski crystal pearls topped with wavy, brushed sterling silver discs

I so love the wavy disc and pearl combination in this pair! However, I didn't quite fancy the elongated earwires, but would have sent a request to Beakee for a custom made pair with shorter earwires until I came across this third pair below shortly afterwards.

3. Silver Shade - light Grey Swarovski crystal pearls topped with wavy, brushed sterling silver discs

I finally found the perfect pair of pearl earrings I've been looking for and immediately sent Beakee a private plurk to check if she still has the raw materials to make another pair. Alas, she's out of the wavy discs... but she could customise a pair for me without the discs. So, she took in all my comments (which were like all over the place - I was overly excited and didn't care to sort out my thoughts) and made me a special pair of Silver Grey Drops:

"These earrings have been specially created and reserved for MonkeyCrab. Please do not purchase if this is not you. Thank you :)

The classic pearl drop Gleam Earrings in a shiny silver-grey incarnation - 8mm Swarovski crystal pearls with bright sterling silver accents on hand-forged twisted sterling silver earwires. Your go-with-everything earrings."

The Silver Grey Drops will be posted out tomorrow together with the Whispering Autumn and should arrive in Sydney in 7 - 10 days. *excited*

I'm not trying to promote Beakee's products (etsy shop here and shop tellurus here) just because she's my Fav Tudi's best friend. She really makes such very beautiful jewellery that it's only right I share their existence with everyone. You can even feel the amount of love and TLC that went into each and every piece she so meticulously creates. For someone who doesn't accessorise much on a daily basis, I do have a rather sizeable collection of her handcrafted earrings and bracelets - some purchased and some were gifts from dear friends who know I love Beakee's stuff, and am coveting for more. I just need to find opportunities to wear them out more often to do these pretty jewellery some justice. In case you're thinking of getting something for me on my birthday in July, I really don't mind you picking something from some of my below favourites. ;p


1. Graffiti Necklace - tourmalinated quartz and oxidised sterling silver
2. Bellissima - pink Peruvian opal and pearl cluster toggle necklace
3. Primavera - prehnite and hammered hoop long necklace


1. Muscat Earrings - green aventurine clusters on natural brass
2. Eden Hoops - floral embellished brass hoop earrings
3. Lisse Hoops - hammered satin finish sterling silver with rhodochrosite charms

Bangles and Bracelets:

1. The Orchidee Bangle - keishi pearl and rhodolite clusters
2. Pinot Noir - lush grapevine cluster bracelet
3. Summer Sorbet - a bracelet bursting with citrus charm

Aren't they pretty? We is heart Beakee's jewellery lots!


beakee said...

awwwwww!!! *tears* *speechless*

fav tudi said...

tudi <333 the graffiti necklace too!!! :D and hooray i say u made an excellent choice on the Whispering Autumn too!!! *drools*