This sight greeted me in my bathroom mirror when I woke up today. After wiping the blood off, I could not find the source of the bleeding at all. I did not feel any pain too. It was very strange. I did however, enjoy the taste of that fresh red blood. Remember I mentioned before that I miss having ulcers because I miss biting them so I could taste the salty blood in my mouth? I kinda wish this bleeding thing can happen on a more regular basis in replacement of those ulcers that I never seem to get. LOL.

I took this picture and showed it to the girls at work. In trying to solve the mystery of this bleeding incident, several theories have been offered:

Eliss suggests I could have been gnashing my teeth in my sleep and bit my mouth/lips accidentally. She also thinks since there was no wound nor pain, maybe it was a trick my housemate played on me, to which Becky denied.

Candice reckons it's very cracked lips although she has never seen that much blood from just cracked lips. She thinks I look like a vampire.

Becky thinks I could have been bitten by a spider and may turn into spiderwoman. She also reckons I need to see a psychiatrist as I seem to be going mad.

Stephanie wonders if I transform into a vampire at night and asks to be reminded never to sleep over at my place.

Isobel insists I have turned into a cold blooded vampire.

I think my colleagues are the ones going mad. So what do you think?


beakee said...

oh god. you're a somnambulistic vampire... or a vampiric somnambulist :P

fav tudi said...

ZOMG!!!! not from the gums right??!!!

monkeycrab said...

tudi: nope not the gums. i checked. i think most likely it's the lips.

Sunshine23 said...
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Sunshine23 said...

I seriously think you are a sexy vampire in disguise.. Wonder whether did Becky wake up with blood at her neck..

Madam J said...

scary! how come so much blood? doubt it's cracked lips too. maybe from your gums..

o8ight said...

i is beh kee.
nothing happ to mi..

i tink she really got bitten by insect. mayb it was e dead cockroach found in my toilet /o any form of pesticide. cockroach bit monkeycrab n got poisoned.

in any case, monkeycrab has seen a doctor. hopefully she wun find blood so appealing anymore

::: I aM wHo I aM ::: said...

Thats way too much bloood for heaven's sake. :'( I'm scared... No pain somemore? Wierd. My deduction will be chipped lips. But it will b painful ma. Maybe its bleeding gums? !!