we had crabs again

I hosted another crabby dinner at my place around late June in return for a previous dinner treat by my dinner guests. This time, it was a rather stressful affair because I couldn't get the necessary ingredients for the dishes I intended to cook and had to tweak the menu at the last minute. The worst of it was I couldn't find a single pack of the Prima Taste chilli crab mix even after combing through all the asian grocery stores in all the nearby suburbs! I ended up having to improvise using some dodgy Indonesian paste and whatever I could find in the kitchen.

Well, fortunately it all still turned out good enough for the guests to pay me some compliments although I wasn't fully satisfied with the taste of the chilli gravy. Here are the guests with the spread: chilli crabs, deep fried buns for dipping into the crab gravy, beef rendang, handmade wanton soup and Mama's special cabbage rice.

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