roadtrip to the gong to catch the sso

Ya I'm playing catch up here on my blog... here's another outdated post on a road trip that happened in the first week of June which is part work part leisure. The girls from the Corporate Communications department got a few free tickets to watch the Sydney Symphony Orchestra perform as well as attend the post concert dinner in Wollongong because our company is a long standing sponsor for the SSO. They were kind enough to invite me along and in need of a break from work, I went with them on the 1.5 hour drive down the coast!

Here we had our first pit stop at Stanwell Park. It was freezing cold and extremely windy.

They just had to do the jumps and I must say, this is a fantastic shot of the jumping action at its best.

We took the scenic route along the Grand Pacific Drive and had a second pitstop to take a walk along the famous Sea Cliff Bridge. I never saw these padlocks of love declarations on my numerous trips there before so this must be a relatively new phenomenon.

While most of the locks had engravings of wedding proposals and celebrations of love, there were also some cute ones like this below.

This was us camwhoring in the bathroom while waiting for the remaining party girlie to finish dressing up for the event.

That's all of us girls after a few complimentary glasses of champagne prior to the start of the concert.

Eagerly awaiting the start of the concert.

And a little ensemble during the post event dinner that was really good.

As far as I can remember, I think this was the first proper road trip I've gone on with the girls. It was actually really relaxing compared to the other strictly business only fly-in-fly-out work trips we've been on together.

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