the heavenly tim tam experience

I rediscovered my love for Tim Tams - specifically the Dark Chocolate ones - recently when a corporate guest from the Middle East taught me a new way to eat them with a good cup of strong latte.

In the absence of gourmet coffee, I have been making my own hot chocolate at home for this Tim Tam experience. Some warm fresh milk (I put mine in the microwave for 1.15min)...

... and drinking chocolate - I highly recommend the Vittoria DARK Drinking Chocolate - gives you a great beverage for cold and rainy days. I add a teaspoon of sugar too cos I like mine to be a little sweet.

Now's the time to unwrap the pack of Tim Tams.

Bite off the diagonal corners of the biscuit as seen on the left below. Then dip one bitten-off corner into your preferred hot/warm beverage - coffee/hot chocolate - as seen in the right pic below and suck the beverage through the other bitten-off corner with your mouth.

This allows the hot/warm liquid to melt the wafer and chocolate from the inside out. Without waiting too long for the whole biscuit to disintegrate, remove the Tim Tam from the hot chocolate and bite into it.

This is one step up from my previous way of dunking the entire Tim Tam into the coffee - which is my own personal beverage preference for the perfect Tim Tam experience - because instead of having the warm liquid just melting the outer coat of chocolate leaving the biscuit hard and dry as usual, you are now biting into a moist and slightly softened biscuit with the subtle taste of coffee infused in the wafer inside and the spread of the exterior about-to-melt chocolate coat hitting your taste buds at the same time which is just heavenly.

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