july celebrations

I was invited to a birthday celebration that took place just three days after my own hatchday, and seeing how there are several other girls from within my office all being July babies, we all took the chance to let our hair down for a mega celebration at Sapphire Lounge.

Here's the official birthday girl of the night trying to finish a humongous fishbowl of cocktail all the other girls bought her.

All the pretty ladies in the house.

I was on medication and hence stuck to mocktails most of the night although I got naughty for a short while and had two jaegerbombs. ;p

Ya. We all like to pose for pics with the big fishbowls.

And a last group pic before we left. It was one of those rare parties I went to that saw me consume the least amount of alcohol amongst all in the group and it made me feel great that I could gloat over their hangovers the next day. LOL.

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